Image of LiveFastDie / VCR - Split 7"  SOLD OUT

LiveFastDie - LIVEFASTDIE shake things up with some dirty Neanderthal rock 'n' roll on "Bang It's War," then follow it up with the lo-fi pop sensibility of "Lovedogs in Space." Unbelievably dumb and unbelievably catchy with a nice, simple guitar hook and an exceedingly repetitive chorus that brings to mind ROKY ERICKSON's "I Walked With a Zombie."
-Vince Horner, Maximum Rock'n'Roll

VCR - Had the Velvet Underground festered in underground obscurity in, say, Dayton, Ohio, instead of being liked in New York, and only rabid obscurists held their only 7" aloft like a chalice, my two cents is that they'd sound like VCR. The late '70s have folded into the mid '00s like a Mad Magazine back cover: the elements are the same, but when creased over the past three decades, it somehow sounds a little new and good-funny again.
- Todd Taylor, Razorcake Magazine

A-Side - LiveFastDie: Bang It's War / LoveDogs In Space
B-Side - V.C.R.: Xmas Calculator / Goodbye Fun


Sold Out