Image of Imaginary Icons - Imaginary Icons 12" EP

New York’s Imaginary Icons churn out an awesome blend of 70s brit-punk, wavey synth-skronk and d.i.y. pop and create their own unique sound. 7 songs, 500 hand-stamped and hand-numbered copies on a 12” 45 rpm slab of 180g vinyl.

"One song into this seven-track gem and I'm hooked. Post-punk herky-jerky bleakness tackled by a bunch of punks, which lends it the energy usually devoid in this scene. One-part BUZZCOCKS, two-parts MISSION OF BURMA, three-parts FRUSTRATION, and while I'm at it, a big dirty spoonful of WIRE. The 12" format is perfect" - Sean Dougan, Maximum Rock'n'Roll

"Massive improvements have shaken this NYC post-punk outfit out of imitator status and into one hell of a record here, delivering on all sorts of big, confident moves on a familiar canvas, yet one that the band members clearly respect. Think the sort of action that ATV or Wire would have pulled back in '78, with the sort of heft that a first-wave revival like the Volcano Suns swung around with such determination. Four of these seven songs are better than just about anyone who's gone down this path, and would stack up to anything off the last two A Frames albums. You'll just have to pick up the record to figure out which ones. 500 hand-numbered copies, 180g vinyl." - Doug Mosurock, Dusted Magazine

Mirror Panics
Economics Is Everything
Cellular Automata

New Face of France
Trace Yourself
Rosa Luxemburg