Image of Golden Boys - Thee Electric Wolfman LP

The fourth album from Austin, TX beer-drenched rockers, Golden Boys, is a shambolic collection of party rockers and soulful wailers.

Produced by Greg Ashley (of Gris Gris) with guest musicians including Ashley, Memphis legend Ross Johnson, and the Spider Bags. Co-released with Alien Snatch Records. The LP is pressed on 180g vinyl and includes free MP3 downloads.

"The Golden Boys are real Texas punk rock. There's no pretention, no etiquette, and there, on the faces of all six nonboys, are huge, stretched-out smiles. Remember when rock & roll used to be fun?" - Austin Chronicle

Electric Wolfman
Rock With Me Forever
Plainsman's Lament
She Said It
Kontroll Girls
I'm Black And White

Old Man's Coat
Goddamn I Love The Ocean
Dish Towel
Mr. Dickles
A Message From Ross Johnson