Image of DC Snipers/Tampoffs - Split 7"  SOLD OUT

DC Snipers - "(Baby) Don't You Be So Violent" could very well be their best, a real Seventies-sounding guitar rock killer. Very contagious and a little bit sleazy. "Dirtbag" continues in the same vein, this song would definitely have a moustache and continually be asking you if you have any rolling papers if it came to life.
- Rich Kroneiss, Terminal Boredom

Tampoffs - They come out smoking with a pair of tuneful garage-punk blasters recalling the glory days of Rip Off Records. I know, I know: ya been there, done that. But it don't matter. This band rules. This is fast, catchy stuff laden with energy and excitement. Totally fun, ultra-rockin'.
- Lord Rutledge, Now Wave

A-Side - DC Snipers: (Baby) Don't Be So Violent / Dirtbag
B-Side - Tampoffs: Gentlemen / Lead


Sold Out